About Us

Amai Naturals Inc. is a BC Canada registered Company headquartered in Abbotsford. Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative natural health products locally and internationally.

We partner with farmers and bio-innovative companies in different regions of the of Africa and other parts of the world to bring you quality products to enhance your health and beauty, inside out.

We use both traditional and science-based evidence to select sustainable ingredients that are effective in nourishing our bodies both inside and out and yet bring us joy for consuming them. Our finished products are carefully formulated by a team of dedicated and experienced scientists who have worked in the Natural Health Product industry for many years. Our products which are licensed or registered by Health Canada are all made in our GMP certified facility in Canada. 

Our company name, “Amai”, is a Shona word which means “mother”, inspired by the nurturing and caring personality of a mother. Amai Naturals captures that motherly love and kindness into all its products and offers it to you with unparalleled care and respect.

At AMAI naturals we are passionate about health for all. We are here to create and share innovative effective, safe, and sustainable beauty and wellness products for a healthier lifestyle with our communities.


To inspire a healthier lifestyle by sharing Natural beauty and wellness products with our communities.  


  • To create and deliver safe, innovative, effective and sustainable healthy products.
  • To empower others through partnerships, education and mentorship.
  • To advocate for cleaner environment and communities through responsible sourcing, production and consumption.


Make a healthier choice for a sensational lifestyle! 


  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Good health and well being
  • Gender equality
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Diversity
  • Empowerment
  • Partnerships 


Amai Naturals brings along invaluable industry experience that ensures the production of accurate and quality products. We take care to meticulously produce all our products and leave no room to error.

Our love for health and wellness makes our work a treasure thereby offering nothing but the best to our communities. The body deserves the best in order to function fully well and that’s what drives us.

Amai Naturals focuses on hand crafted, boutique style-high-quality products that are produced with love and care. The intimate connection we develop with our products makes them the best for our bodies and communities. 

Our drive to empower others helps us to put our communities before us. We strive to serve and ensure sustainable cities and communities. We believe in empowering others, especially women, hence partnerships are at the core of our operations. We always seek to work with everyone that we can to better serve our communities.